Sunday, April 23, 2017

#instantdorkoriginal : rediscovering San Francisco

  I love to take photos, and one thing I always find myself saying is, "I need to go out more". Honestly, I don't go out as much as people think I do. But when I'm out, I'm out for a while. Recently, I went out with my best friend Brian. We went to Sutro Baths and Slacker Hill. We had to cut our adventure short since I wasn't feeling well, but it was such a great time. My friend Brian is also a photographer, you can check out his work here.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

#instantdorkat (insert location here)

Growing up traveling wasn't really a thing I'd ever do. My mom once told me that she went to Machu Picchu once and to Puerto Vallarta, but she never did much traveling. My dad went to Acapulco and other parts since he worked for Coca Cola in Mexico. Once I turned 21, I started analyzing my life. I hadn't done anything. I dropped out of college, I worked 40 to almost 50 hours a week and just spent time with my family. I wasn't happy with my life at all. 

My friend Rosario had moved away from home at 20. She moved from one end of the country to the other. She worked at Disney World and she was learning to be independent. I always dreamed of traveling, I wanted to escape my own reality and immerse myself somewhere else. 

  When I turned 21, I was dead tired. I felt like all I was doing was working and working and going no where fast. I was promoted to Supervisor and that just meant more hours at work and no weekends off. I started going out with my friends more often. Rosario had moved back to California and we were reacquainting ourselves to each other. 

One place that is always made magical in movies is New York City. I planned a trip, but the plans and my budgeting failed me. So the next year, my plans were to go to New York City with my younger sister and one night after scouting for the cheapest flight, I bought our tickets. It was such an amazing moment. Me, Susy, the girl who had only gone to Mexico once was going to New York! That was the first vacation I took and funded all by myself. 

  I stayed in a loft half of my stay in NYC, I also walked all the bridges. I ate pizza, I sat in Times Square, I went to the library, I walked down 5th Avenue. I saw the iconic plaza, ate a nasty hot dog, I got lost, marveled at the giant Empire State building, saw Lady Liberty, rode in a subway and died with the heat. It was magical. It was dirty. It made me long to come back. It made me appreciate home.

  In these past 4 years since my trip to NYC, I’ve made it a mission to go someplace I’ve never been to, at least once a year. Even if it is in my own state. Small same day adventures, I decided, would count. Since then, I’ve gone to Seattle, Los Angeles a couple of times, Pismo Beach, South Lake Tahoe, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Yosemite, Santa Cruz, Napa, and many new places that I have discovered or rediscovered in San Francisco and Oakland. 

I am not completely done with my reevaluation of my life but I am much happier with it.


Friday, April 21, 2017

#instantdorkoriginal : Daquan

  Working at a high school has brought me many things, and one of those things are great co-workers. Daquan is a recent alumni from the HS I work in and has become a great friend and adventure buddy. You can find his work on instagram or his blog. I'll link them below. Be sure to go out and explore when the weather turns for the better!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

new in the shop : 4/20/17

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

  Lately, my focus has been selling on either eBay and on Postmark. I recently got a store subscription on eBay and Postmark is still going strong. I've linked the items featured above. If you'd prefer to buy them in eBay, shoot me a comment bellow and I'll go ahead and give you a link to my eBay store. I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday!


Update : all items are sold.
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