Hello all and welcome to my blog. My name is Susy and I'm behind Instantdork. 
The name instantdork was just my instagram name that started in 2012 and I've been "Instantdork" to everyone ever since. I work in a high school in Oakland, Ca, I'm a Bay Area Native and a homebody.

Here on instantdork you will find pictures that I take from all over. School events, graduation photos, family shoots, sunsets and even some fashion shots; I try and make do with what I have.  I want Instantdork to be about warm and open pictures that everyone can enjoy and relate to while mixing in some of my daily life , hobbies and adventures and my summer travels.

One thing you will for sure see more of are my reselling business, or what I'm trying to do as a business. I sell new and gently used clothes on the amazing thing I love called the world wide web. I'm doing what I love everyday and I want to take everyone in my adventure. 

And just FYI, I shoot my pictures with my iPhone 5s or my Canon Rebel T3i /Olympus PEN E-PL1. 

(aka instantdork)

email: instantdork@gmail.com
instagram : instantdork2.0
shop instagram : instantdork_theshop
facebook : instantdork

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